Professional Fishing Charters in Cartagena

Yellowfin Tuna In Cartagena

Tuna Have been coming over the sides of the boat. We have been marking the fish in around 800ft of water. Trolling a plug seems to get them fired up. Great Table Fare! We have some restaurants that are more then willing to cook up your catch. A full day is needed to get to… Continue reading Yellowfin Tuna In Cartagena

Shark Attack

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Shark Attack Shark fishing while we’re deep dropping has created madness! We have some of the best table fare fishing grounds for Misty and yellow edge grouper. Queen snapper stacked up certain days. Blackfin tuna have been banking up and are a fun catch on light tackle. Good numbers and flat seas!

Caragena Fishing Jigging!

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Caragena Fishing Jigging! Fishing on Point. Quit Playing around and See How its Done. Book a jigging trip today! Only professional fishing outfit in Cartagena Colombia. +15612039414

Snapper For Dinner

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Snapper For Dinner Snapper in the 5lb + range on our close reefs! Book today Lets go Fishing. The water has been calm and the fishing has been good most days. Trolling early morning has produced some good numbers. Were leaving from Club Nautico in Manga. Every Morning. See you on the water.

Mahi Run

Professional Fishing Charters in Cartagena: Home

Mahi Run Fish are coming close to the coast. Most trips we start fishing within 2 miles of shore. Were averaging five mahi and two sailfish with kings and barracuda mixed in on our trips. We have been leaving the dock at 630am and getting good results. The weather can get windy after 3pm so… Continue reading Mahi Run

Wahoo Sails Mahi

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Wahoo Sails Mahi I cant express how excited we are for your customers this month coming up! We really are hitting great numbers this year with solid trophy fish everywhere. Tight lines book soon. We have some days available for March Madness!

Cartagena OverNight Trips

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Cartagena OverNight Trips There is nothing better than Planning a all day Overnight fishing trip. We have many options Trolling/Jigging in the day and deep dropping at night. Targeting All species of fish throughout our 48 Hour Expedition! Special Pricing Please Inquire: [email protected]

Mahi And Sails

Professional Fishing Charters in Cartagena: Home

Mahi And Sails Mahi and sailfish have been the haul the past few days. Bait is boiling and will produce some large Yellowfin tuna soon. Were waiting on them to show up. Deep drop trips are offered at a discounted price with combo day and next night trip! Email us to inquire on adding a… Continue reading Mahi And Sails

Wahoo thick!

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Wahoo thick! December is here and so are the wahoo! Alot going on for the new year. We will be running a few special trips for the holidays. Message me direct in what’s app or email for details. Colombian professional outfitters! Capt J

Great Numbers This week!

Professional Fishing Charters in Cartagena: Home

Great Numbers This week! Fishing Cartagena Colombia can not be more fun then this time of the year. Picki a date and lets go. We have many options to choose from. We offer a fullday fishing excursion and island exploration package starting at $1100.00 Includes lunch and admission to Rosario Islands! Were offering spearfishing trips… Continue reading Great Numbers This week!

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