Professional Fishing Charters in Cartagena

Tuna live-baiting and Drift Fishing

Live bait albacore tuna fishing is probably the most addictive fishing on the planet.

Once we locate a school of tuna either by sight or by hooking up on the troll, we try and get a bait stop going.

We immediately start “broadcasting” anchovies by the handful around the boat trying to bring the school of tuna up to the surface. While we clear the troll rods, we will get your live bait rods baited up and ready to fish. Live bait tuna fishing is VERY fast paced. When the school of tuna is under the boat, every bait gets bit and every rod gets hooked up. This is when having a huge cockpit and lots of rail comes in handy. Live bait fishing requires you to follow your fish around the boat and over and under other anglers lines.

It is chaotic, exciting, and addictive. On boats, “the most important fish is the next one”, meaning as soon as your fish is on the deck, get baited up and back in the water. Albacore can go on or off the bite in seconds, The more fish we have on, the more tuna that come up to the boat to investigate.

The sooner you are back in the water the sooner you hook another fish.
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