Professional Fishing Charters in Cartagena

Spear fishing Blue-water and Shipwrecks!

Shallow Patch Reef Charters

Have one of our experienced Spearguides help you explore the shallow water patch reef ecosystems. Explore rock heads, patch reef and sea fan coral environments in search of the popular table fare, Hogfish. Other popular target species on the shallow patch reefs include groupers, mutton and mangrove snappers and yellow jacks.


Channel Spearfishing

Drifting the channels in the Rosario islands one of the most exciting ways to experience spearfishing. While the strong current can make this style of spearfishing challenging and not for the inexperienced diver, it is a great way to see large sections of abundant shallow water environments stocked with great species of spearfishing gamefish.


Mid-to-Deep Water Coral Reefs

Looking for a spearfishing experience in a little deeper water? Our spearguides are happy to customize an adventure on deeper water reefs for more experienced freedivers. Come hunt with us for larger grouper and snapper at depths up to 200 feet.


Blue Water

Are you an experienced spearfisherman looking for a specific species for your trophy-case? Our spearguides are experts at tracking down open ocean pelagic species like Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Tuna and more found off of Volcano Banks. Offshore pelagic adventures are only for experienced spearfishermen and freedivers

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