Professional Fishing Charters in Cartagena

Shark Fishing Trip Details

How We Catch Sharks:

We like to target sharks by chumming them up to the boat in 10 feet of water. Usually, our first couple sharks start to show up in 5 minutes of chumming and within 30 minutes we can have dozens of 4-10 foot long sharks circling around the boat. Its really exciting to pick out the Shark you want to catch.


These toothy critters are a lot of fun to fight because of their long screaming runs and violent head shakes. Sometimes they will even jump out of the water. It’s a great way to hone your fish fighting skills and have a great story to tell when you get back to the dock. Our style of Shark fishing is great for all ages and skill levels. Shark fishing trips usually last 4-6 hours.


Most of the time we will start our trip catching Barracuda’ s or Jacks with artificial lures. They are a lot of fun on light tackle spin because they fight hard. Once we have several in the boat we will head to another spot to use them as chum to bring in the Sharks.

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